Our Favorite Things: 2018 – Couture and Fine Jewelry

Our Favorite Things: 2018 – Couture and Fine Jewelry

2018 was an exciting year. We opened a saleroom in Atlanta, expanded our team in Palm Beach, brought on a number of experts and have a new CEO at the helm. The objects and collections were pretty great too, and our specialists are here to give you the rundown of their favorite items from the year. Timothy Long of our Luxury Accessories and Couture department and Katie Guilbault of our Fine Jewelry and Timepieces department kick things off.

Timothy Long joined us as Director of Luxury Accessories and Couture this past fall in what was somewhat of a homecoming. Prior to the five years he spent as Curator of Fashion & Decorative Arts at the Museum of London, Timothy spent a number of years as Curator of Costumes at the Chicago History Museum. He has worked with items from as early as the 16th century but also has a passion for contemporary collections. Follow Timothy’s fashion journeys @timothylongfashioncurator.


 Timothy Long’s Favorites from 2018

A Louis Vuitton Vintage Damier Steamer Trunk

One of the most popular and recognizable materials of the Louis Vuitton fashion range is the checkerboard ‘Damier’ canvas. Invented in 1888 by Louis Vuitton’s son, Damier canvas has been redesigned numerous times and plays an important role in the company’s history and brand identity. The design remains enormously popular in the auction market for both contemporary and vintage items, such as this 1920s Louis Vuitton trunk, which features its original interior and manufacturing label and sold for $10,000 in our December 2018 auction.

Sold For: $10,000

December 12, 2018

Hermès Olive Green Togo Birkin Bag

Established in 1837 in Paris, Hermès continues to dominate the luxury accessories industry to this day. Known for cutting-edge designs made by highly-skilled artisans using materials of exceptionable quality, Hermès designs continue to prove to be a good return on investment.

Sold For: $9,375

December 5, 2018

A Yves Saint Laurent Haute Couture Purple Raw Silk Gown

Vintage fashion remains a vital component of the auction market, as proven by this 1967 Yves Saint Laurent dress, which sold for $18,750 in April 2018. Yves Saint Laurent became head designer of Christian Dior in 1957 and launched his own fashion house in 1961. This dress is from his ‘African Collection,’ which remains one of his most coveted collections.

Sold For: $18,750

April 20, 2018

Katie Guilbault is Director of Fine Jewelry and Timepieces and has been appraising jewelry for over a decade. As a certified gemologist, she travels the country evaluating important jewelry collections and items. The department handles both antique and contemporary jewelry, finding incredible examples across all time periods. Katie is equally fascinated by old and new, as shown in her favorite items from the year.

Katie Guilbault’s Favorites from 2018

An Important 31.61 Carat Antique Cushion Cut Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond

This diamond was gorgeous to look at, but holding it in the palm of your hand gave you a real feeling for its important presence.

Sold For: $744,500

August 27,2018

An Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Ring

We had the pleasure of selling this lovely ring to an very enthusiastic buyer in the saleroom. Her face lit up with pure joy when she realized she had won it, and an instant family heirloom was created.

Sold For: $62,500

April 10, 2018

A Georgian Rose Gold Lover’s Eye and Paste Pendant

The estate of the renowned collector William Lipton featured a charming group of Georgian lover’s eye jewelry. This unusual example with a red paste surround was one of my personal favorites.

Sold For: $10,000

December 3, 2018

 An Antique Platinum, Diamond and Natural Pearl Negligee Necklace

While this stunning negligee necklace was antique, it seemed to transcend time periods, looking equally at home with a cocktail dress as with a black turtleneck and jeans. Such a versatile piece for a modern woman with classic taste.

Sold For: $40,000

December 3, 2018