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[SHELLEYANA]. A group of material relating to Shelley and his circle, including manuscripts from the collection of Charles W. Frederickson.
Letter dated 1813, etching later

A group of manuscripts from Shelley's publishers, biographers, and relatives FROM THE COLLECTION OF CHARLES W. FREDERICKSON, comprising the majority of Lot 2387 from his sale, Bangs, 24-28 May 1897:

Capt. E. S. Trelawny, ALS, 8vo, 1841 -- J. Shelley, ALS, 4to, 1799 -- Augusta Leigh (sister of Lord Byron), AL, 3p., 8vo -- Peter Finnerty, ALS, 4to, 1804 -- T. Shelley, 2 ALSs, 1813 and 1828 -- Edward Dowden, ALS, 4pp., 8vo, 1885, regarding his Life of Shelley -- Lady J. S. Shelley, ALS, 2pp., 8vo -- Sir Percy F. Shelley, ALS, 8vo, 1883 -- J. C. Jeaffreson, ALS, 4pp., 8vo, 1883 -- Edward Moxon, ALS, 2pp., 8vo, 1867 -- H. Buxton Forman, ALS, 3pp., 8vo, 1876, regarding Shelley's letters -- Joseph Severn, ALS, 3pp, 8vo -- Charles Cowden Clarke, ALS, 4pp., 8vo, 1842 -- T. F. Dillon Croker, 2 ALSs, 8vo, 1854 -- Prof. C. Short, MS, Oration on Shelley.

[With:] A small group of letters to Frederickson, comprising: Anna J. Gould, ALS, 2pp, 8vo 1889; Charles Short, ALS, 2pp., 8vo, 1875; Ernest North, 8vo, 1895, with a dried flower from Shelley's grave; W. H. Randolph, 4pp., 8vo, with a dried flower from Shelley's grave. -- Also with: J. Shelley? Cut address panel, 1820 -- John E. Burke Jr., ALS, 4pp., 8vo, 1894.  [Also with:] A small group of engravings and periodical publications about Shelley. 

Property from Historic Sengen House, Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York
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