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[UNITED STATES CONTINENTAL CONGRESS]. Journals of the Congress...Volume I (Sept. 5, 1774-Jan. 1, 1776) through Volume XIII (November 1787-November 1788). Philadelphia and New York: R. Aitken, John Dunlap, John Patterson, David Claypoole, 1777-1788. 

13 volumes, 8vo (each approximately 182 x 116 mm or smaller). (Some browning or spotting, a few letters occasionally just shaved.) Modern half calf gilt. Provenance: A few early signatures shaved in Vols. I, IV (Ingersoll?), and VI; Senate Secretary's Office, then U.S. Senate Library (inscription, stamp, and surplus duplicate stamp, Vol.XII); George D. Todd (stamp, Vol.XIII).


Vol. I, Sept. 5, 1774 to Jan. 1 1776. Philadelphia: R. Aitken, 1777 (Evans 15683).
Vol. II, January1, 1776 to January1, 1777. York-Town, PA: John Dunlap 1778 (Evans 16137).
Vol. III, January 1, 1777 to January 1, 1778. New York: John Patterson [1778] (Evans 21527).
Vol. IV, January 1st, 1778 to January 1st, 1779. Philadelphia: David C. Claypoole, [1779] (Evans 16584).
Vol V, January 1, 1779 to January 1, 1780. Philadelphia: David C. Claypoole, 1782 (Evans 17766).
Vol. VI, January 1st, 1780 to January 1st, 1781. Philadelphia: David C. Claypoole, [1781] (Evans 17392).
Vol. VII, For the Year 1781. Philadelphia: David C. Claypoole, 1781 (Evans 17767).  [With the index correctly numbered VII].
Vol. VIII, First Monday in November 1782 to First Monday in November 1783. Philadelphia: David C. Claypoole, 1783 (Evans 18266).
Vol IX, Third Day of November 1783 to Third Day of June 1784. Philadelphia: John Dunlap, [1784] (Evans 18840). [Without the rare August addendum as often.]
Vol. X, From the First Monday in November, 1784. Philadelphia: John Dunlap, 1785 (Evans 19316).
Vol. XI, 3d Day of November 1785 to 3d Day of November 1786. [Philadelphia:] John Dunlap, [1786] (Evans 20068). [With the title incorrectly numbered Volume XII].
Vol XII, Sixth Day of November 1786 to Fifth Day of November 1787. [Philadelphia:] Published by Order of the Congress, 1787 (Evans 20772). 
Vol. XIII, 5th Day of November 1787 to 3d Day of November 1788. [Philadelphia:] John Dunlap, [1788] (Evans 21526).

The Journals were issued by the government's printers Robert Aitken, John Patterson, John Dunlap and David Claypoole. The printing of Vol.II was interrupted when the British seized Philadelphia in the summer of 1777, and most copies of the volume were printed by both Robert Aitken and John Dunlap The set incorporates the full text of the Declaration of Independence including the names of the Signers, the minutes of the debates at the 1787 Constitutional Convention, and the proposed Constitution. 
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