Arms, Armor & Militaria

Hindman’s Arms, Armor & Militaria buyers and consignors are serviced by the internationally recognized team at Hindman’s Cincinnati location. For over 20 years, our arms historians have been an industry leader in the sale of historic and modern firearms, edged weapons, militaria, ethnographic weapons and accoutrements. Our auctions feature important firearms collections from some of the most prolific collectors in the country and achieve record prices across the category.

Antique Arms & Armor

Hindman’s specialists are experts in over 500 years of military and sporting arms history. Our auctions feature edged and ranged weapons along with armor from medieval Europe through the dawn of modern warfare. The care and craftsmanship that went into these pieces make them not just historic relics, but works of art that collectors are eager to proudly display.

Historic Firearms

With the acquisition of Cowan’s Auctions in 2019, Hindman inherited one of the most prominent names in the historic firearms category. For over 20 years, Cowan’s set multiple auction records while earning a reputation for integrity and a scholarly approach. Now under the Hindman brand, that remains the hallmark of the department’s auctions. Auctions feature early European wheellocks, American Revolutionary War muskets, rifles and revolvers used during the American Civil War, revolvers and muskets used during the settling of the American West, weapons carried by soldiers during World War I and II, and more.

Early Militaria

Collectors are not only interested in the weaponry used in historic conflicts, but all of the periphery items used by soldiers on a regular basis. The most common examples of this include uniforms, helmets, insignias, guidons or flags, powder horns and flasks, and battlefield relics, but the possibilities are endless. Contact a specialist to find out if your piece of military history is collectible.

Ethnographic Weaponry

The Ethnographic Weaponry department brings to light rare and exotic weapons from parts of the world too often overshadowed by the West. The sales feature Southeast Asian kris’, swords and daggers, African swords, daggers and other edged weapons, South American knives, Persian, Ottoman and Afghani edged weapons, Fijian throwing clubs, New Guinea and other Oceanic weaponry and countless others.

Japanese Arms & Armor

Japan has a military history that rivals any European culture and yet the Japanese arms and armor market has been underserved by western auction companies. Hindman is committed to bringing this unique culture the attention it deserves using some of the most respected experts in the field to catalogue and evaluate each piece.

Sporting Arms

Among the first tools created by mankind were those to facilitate one of its most fundamental tasks: hunting. As civilization evolved and hunting became less necessary for mere survival, it remained a part of nearly all cultures as a leisure activity. Craftsmen began taking the time to consider aesthetics along with functionality of their hunting weaponry and the Sporting Arms category was born. Today, some of the highest sales prices at auction are brought by pieces with no ties to historic conflicts, but that have a unique design, outstanding craftsmanship, and exceptional provenance.

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